The main outputs of the project are:

  1. Common framework and guidelines for combatable, comparable and reliable telemetric data acquisition

  2. Telemetric networks of compatible and inter-calibrated sensors able to transmit reliable and continuous water quality data

  3. Software tools and expert systems related to Water Quality data processing and early warning against water pollution

  4. Supportive structures (cross-border supportive infrastructures) for ensuring the functioning of the network while providing reliable data process for assessing water quality data and their transformation into an early warning signal.

The expected results of the project include:

    1. Civil protection against water pollution

    2. Infrastructural improvement and increased capacity of competent authorities in the monitoring and management of water resources

    3. Improved water management policies including planning and evaluation of effectiveness using the telemetric data

    4. Comparable, continuous and reliable water quality datasets

    5. Public awareness and increased citizens’ sense of security and safety